Notch trowels are essential for thin-set application and also serve as a measured dispensing tool, creating a uniform spread of the mortar.  Tile trowels come in square & V-notch, with various sizes within each category.  Square notch trowels dispense more setting material and are primarily used for floor tile, or tile over 2 inches square.  V-notch trowels dispense less mortar, and generally used in wall applications, mosaics, or tile under 2 inches square.

Square-notch trowels usually have 3 numbers indicating notch size.

1-->tooth width, 2-->tooth spacing, 3-->tooth depth.  If only 2 numbers are given for a square-notch, the first indicates both tooth width & spacing, and the second is tooth depth.

V-notch trowels have 2 numbers indicating notch size.  The first number is notch width, and second is notch depth.

Ask our TCNA (Tile Council of North America) flooring experts for the recommended trowel notch size for your tiling project.

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