Grout is a mixture of cement, aggregate, and other ingredients, such as sand, and with the addition of water, produces a water-resistant material to fill the spaces between tile.  There are 2 main families of grout:  cementitious and chemical (epoxy).

We carry Laticrete Permacolor grout, which is a polymer cement grout.  The added polymers make this a high-performance grout that will withstand heavy traffic.  Permacolor grout is stronger and more water resistant than the standard run-of-the-mill cementitious grouts.

Chemical/epoxy grout, the other branch of the grout family, is made from epoxy resins, aggregates and a hardener.  It is non-porous, making it extremely durable, and much stronger than the cement grouts.  The down-side of epoxy grout, is that it is difficult to work with, and much more costly.

Grouts come in a full spectrum of colors, and can transform your tile installation by accenting and creating distinction or blending and being more cohesive.

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