<span>Grout Floats Pads & Sponges</span>

Grout Floats Pads & Sponges

Grout Floats

These tools are ideal for spreading and smoothing grout evenly in spaces between mosaic, stones, and tiles, and achieving a clean finish.

We carry Primo, Barwalt & Russo Trading Company floats.

Grout Pads

Soft - ideal for single component grouts, glass tile, and irregular surface tile.

Medium - is considered universal and can be used with any grout.

Hard - is ideal for epoxy grouts & rectified tile.

Grout Sponges

Orange Epoxy Grout Sponges

Designed to emulsify epoxy or sanded grout, making for an efficient clean-up.  These sponges are safe on tile & stone, long lasting and cost effective.

Two-sided Microfiber Finishing Sponges

Ideal for final grout cleanup and polishing.  Works great with most grout, but not for use with epoxy.  Best for glass and fragile tiles.

Yellow Grout Sponges

Durable and extra absorbent, an all-purpose sponge great for grouting or cleaning.

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