Luxury <span>Vinyl Tile (LVT)</span>

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

Vinyl Flooring, also known as Resilient, is water resistant, durable and easy to maintain. It has come a long way since the days of being considered low-end. Vinyl is often confused with laminate, but they are not the same. Vinyl is 100% synthetic, where laminate uses a fiberboard core constructed of wood byproducts. Today’s vinyl comes in many applications, sheet, plank (LVP) & tile (LVT), mimicking wood or stone, and vinyl composite tile (VCT), used in primarily commercial applications.

LVT vs VCT flooring – What’s the difference?

LVT – Luxury Vinyl Tile is primarily used in both residential and commercial applications, and is of 100% vinyl composition generally with a patterned surface. It also possesses a surface wear-layer, making it an ideal solution for areas of high-traffic, or those susceptible to moisture. It requires minimum maintenance.

VCT – Vinyl Composite Tile is made up of vinyl, limestone and filler material, flat compressed with the color throughout the thickness of the tile, yet has no pattern or wear layer. It is less durable and less stain resistant, and therefore requires regular maintenance with wax applications to stay protected. VCT has been the staple flooring in commercial spaces.


LVT it is either floating or glue-down.  Floating floors do not require adhesive – it simply floats on the subfloor.  In most cases, the floating floor will come with a pad backing.  Glue-down LVT uses pressure sensitive adhesive applied with a trowel or roller.  The brand of flooring used will dictate the type of glue.

VCT is also adhered with a pressure sensitive glue, dictated by the manufacturer of the floor.


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