<span>Tools & Materials</span>

Tools & Materials

We offer a selection of tools & materials in stock.

  • Adhesives: Armstrong S-515 & Henry 440
  • CMP Prepstar
  • Covebase: Tarkett & Roppe
  • Floats
  • Grout: Laticrete Permacolor 8 & 25 pound
  • Lev-Tec clips, wedges and pliers
  • Russo Trading Company tools & supplies
  • Schluter Systems
  • Thinsets: Laticrete 253 Gold Series & Schluter All-Set
  • Trowels, V & Square Notch
  • Waterproofing membrane: Dal-Seal & NobleSeal
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CMP PrepStar

PrepStar is a cement based, rapid drying, trowel-able underlayment and skim-coat that is used to smooth interior subfloors prior to the installation of finished floor covering.

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Grout is a mixture of cement, aggregate, and other ingredients.

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Setting Material

Did you know that porcelain tile requires specific setting material?

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With possible irregularities in substrates, and the tiles themselves, the best way to ensure a proper bond, and a flat surface without lippage is the use of a tile leveling system.

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Notch trowels are essential for thin-set application and also serve as a measured dispensing tool, creating a uniform spread of the mortar.

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Grout Floats Pads & Sponges

Grout Floats are ideal for spreading and smoothing grout evenly in spaces between mosaic, stones, and tiles, and achieving a clean finish.

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Cove Base

Cove base is a piece of trim (rubber being the most common) installed around the perimeter of a room to create a clean transition between the floor and the wall. 

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Russo Trading Company Tools

We carry Russo Trading Company Products: Professional tools for the tile & stone industry.

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Schluter Systems

Schluter Systems are designed for application of tile, protecting your shower or bathtub surround against mold & mildew damage.

Offering quality flooring products with expertise in installation and maintenance.